Columbus Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney

Life can be complicated and difficult even in the best of times. Sometimes we make mistakes. And sometimes, through no fault of our own, life circumstances can cause us to lose control of our financial well-being.  Ask yourself:

  • Are you overwhelmed by debt?
  • Are creditor calls and mailings causing you and your family stress and anxiety?
  • Is your home at risk to foreclosure? Have you lost a job and face financial uncertainty?
  • Are creditors threatening wage garnishment?
  • Are divorce proceedings affecting your financial security?
  • Have medical bills become so large you don’t know what to do?

Like most of our clients, you probably have been struggling for months or longer “fighting the good fight” but your debt problems are not going away. Our attorneys understand this can be an emotional and stressful period in your life. But your finances and debt should not be faced emotionally. Reading the information contained on these pages is an initial step towards making a rational, practical decision to tackle your debt problems. But if you answered yes to any of the above questions, don’t delay making a decision any longer. Ignoring your situation or making minimal or late payments can leave you with even larger debt burdens and fewer options.Some of the concerns and questions people have are:

Take the next step and Contact our offices today for a free confidential consultation. You will meet with an actual licensed attorney who will personally discuss the alternatives available to you, answer your questions, dispel common myths, and empower you to make an informed decision about whether filing for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 or seeking alternative debt relief such as debt settlement, debt consolidation,loan modification, short sale or deed in lieu is the best solution to your financial problems. You can click on our blog or FAQ’s links for more information

Today can be the day we help you get your life back and start to secure your financial future. If you are like most of our clients you will find that after your initial consultation and decision to obtain the professional help of our firm, you will immediately feel less stress, worry, and fear about your financial future. No matter whether bankruptcy or another debt relief option is best for you, we will listen to your story and then offer compassionate, experienced and realistic guidance to help you preserve important assets, attain immediatefinancial and emotional relief, end creditor harassment and begin to get your life back under your control, not the creditors. Free from debt, I’ve found that people just like you are capable of amazing things.

I know we can help you make the right choices about your debt problems and financial challenges. Appointments are available weekdays and evenings until 6pm. Saturday appointments are also available upon request. We have office locations in three convenient locations: Dublin, Worthington, and Gahanna-Airport.  Call for an appointment today.